Best Quality Plastic Food Storage Containers In India 2020


Food storage boxes are a must have in any kitchen, whether you cook a lot or not. They allow you to keep your food cool for several days. Also, your dishes and food remain fresh and clean for consumption. Faced with the variety that there is now, it is not always easy to know which model to invest in. After comparing several dozen models of food storage boxes, we have selected the top 10 best quality plastic food storage containers set available on the Internet. At the end there is also our buying guide to choose the product best suited to your daily needs.

Top 10 Best Quality Plastic Food Storage Containers Of 2020-

No. 1
Cello Checkers 18 Pieces

No. 2
AmazonBasics Food Containers 3 set

No. 3
AmazonBasics Glass Leak-proof 


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1. AmazonBasics Glass Leak-proof Locking Lids-


  • Borosilicate glass bases and BPA-free plastic lids
  • Leak-proof locking lids 
  • Glass base is non-porous
  • Does not absorb stains or odors
  • Glass base is oven, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe
  • Plastic lid is microwave, freezer, and top-rack dishwasher safe
  • 1 year limited warranty

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2. Femora Borosilicate Rectangular Glass Food Storage Container-


  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Capacity ( ML):400ml, 620 ml, 1000 ml
  • Jars are Microwave safe, oven proof, freezer proof and dishwasher safe
  • Air vent lid with silicon inner
  • lids are NOT microwave, oven or dishwasher safe
  • 1 Year warranty against thermal shock

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3. AmazonBasics Food Storage Containers , 0.8 Litres, Set of 3-


  • Space-saving stackable and nestable design
  • Made of high-quality BPA-free plastic (Transparent)
  • A 4-point locking mechanism with silicone lid seal
  • The set includes 3 x 0.87 liter containers (165x165x70mm)
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe (-20°c to +110°c)

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4. Cello Checkers Plastic PET Canister Set, 18 Pieces, Clear-


  • Made from FDA approved grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • Stackable & odorless
  • Shatterproof body
  • Air tight seal for superior oxygen barrier
  • Easy to open lid
  • 18 Pcs PET Canisters: 6-300ml,6-650ml,6-1200ml

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5. Cutting Edge Modular Food Containers-


  • Made from BPA-Free plastic with stackable design
  • Extremely Durable, and ultra strong containers
  • Air tight & leak resistant
  • Microwave safe (without Lid), dishwasher safe, & freezer safe

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6. STAR WORK 1500 ML Kitchen Food Storage Jar-


  • Tall quality strong glass jars
  • Durable and rust resistant
  • The stainless steel buckle is adaptable
  • Secure airtight sealing
  • Multifunctional glass canister set
  • Waterproof glass canister set with tops is exceptionally easy to clean

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7. COPDREL Glass Food Storage Jars Containers-


  • Jar set is made of food-grade high borosilicate glass
  • 100% non-toxic and lead-free.
  • The bamboo wood lids with all-round silicone sealing loop create an airtight and moisture proof environment
  • The glass jars are microwave and dishwasher safe
  • The wood lid is hand wash only.

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8. Cutting Edge Modular Airtight Kitchen Storage Container Set-


  • Air tight & Leak resistant with easy to use flexi lid mechanism 
  • Microwave Safe (without Lid), Dishwasher Safe, & Freezer Safe for all-round usage.
  • Extremely Durable and ultra strong containers
  • BPA-Free & Keeps your food fresh for longer by avoiding bacteria build up

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9. Cello Magna Container Set of 16 pcs Smoke Grey-


  • Containers are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • Capacity- 500 ml, 750 ml,1000ml, 1700ml
  • Free from any kind of odor
  • Air tight is free from BPA (Bisphenol A)
  • Stackable & shatterproof body
  • Easy to open lid

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10. Machak Kitchen Storage Glass Jar-


  • Good quality glass jar
  • Jar container round shape
  • Each jar capacity is 500 grams
  • Suitable to use multipurpose storage with airtight cap
  • Rust proof and safe to store your food items

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What Is a Food Storage Container?

A food storage container, as the name suggests is a vessel that is used to keep foodstuff. This can be for purposes of easing out usage or keeping away the excess to be used later. Food storage containers have been in existence for a long time. The common types of these containers are glass, metal, and plastic containers. Modern technology has led to the evolution of these and today, it is not just about metal or plastic. Several additions are included to improve the quality and diversify the uses.
Possessing a food storage container comes with several advantages such as saving you time and money.

Why You Need Food Storage Containers?

Do you really need food storage containers? The answer is yes. If you haven’t got yourself the containers, find out what you are missing.

They save Time-

How many trips do make to the stores when you are looking for food? This is because you do not have stocked food in your house. Stocking can save you the time you use to run to the groceries for exhausted foodstuffs. How then do you stock food? You can choose to use several methods but all in all, you need food stored in an orderly way. This is why you need to have food storage containers. They provide good storage for foods, sealing them in a compact way, and can hold many kinds of foods.

Avoid Food Spoilage-

After you have had your nice meals, more often than not, there are leftovers. These are not waste material at this moment. You can make good use of them only if you preserve them in the right way. You need food storage containers to preserve the foods. Even if you want to put them in a freezer, the foods are best packed in a sealed food storage container. This way, the food remains fresh for a longer time due to the physical barrier that is provided to keep out microorganisms and arrest freshness inside.

Improvement of Your Feeding Habits-

Do you have bad eating habits? The storage containers can be a great practice tool for attaining good eating habits. If you leave food unfinished, having a storage container is the best way to train yourself. In fact, just feed on the container then keep it in the freezer and try to set time limits. By the end of the day, you should go back to the leftover food and finish it up. This way, you will get nutrients for your body supplied sufficiently and you will gradually find yourself on track.

Make Work Easier-

With a good food storage container, you can move the food in a single container from the freezer to the microwave. After eating the food, the cleaning of the container can be done using a dishwasher and this is how you find it easier with tasks at home.

Camping and Traveling Aids-

If you go camping or you are a frequent traveler, then the food storage containers are your best friend. Sometimes, you need food that was well prepared at home and not the subpar and costly meals in restaurants. This is made possible by having the food in storage containers and moving with them wherever you go.

Types of Food Storage Containers?

Food storage containers come in various designs and materials. These make them diverse in function and the user has several options to choose from.

Plastic Food Storage Containers-

These are very popular in the market. There are various classes of plastic. Some can be hardened to a near-glass texture whereas others are made to be flexible and light. Generally, plastic food containers are good for the storage of dry foods. They are not so good with high temperatures therefore you will have to make informed decisions before using them in a microwave. Light plastic is also not good for very low temperatures–freezing has to be done with the heavy-duty designs. Many restaurants use plastic food storage containers to sell take out foods.

Ordinary plastic can be difficult to wash after holding oily foods. It also tends to retain odors and tastes of previous foods. However, enhanced plastic like polypropylene can work to a great extent to curb these negative effects.

Glass Food Storage Containers-

Food storage containers made of glass have several advantages. They are long-lasting and can serve for a very long time compared to plastic. Glass is also good for preheating and freezing. There are improved versions of glass-like Pyrex and tempered glass which make food storage containers very good for home use. The improved forms can resist shattering but because you are dealing with glass, you have to handle it with care.

Metallic Food Storage Containers-

These are metal cans that are mainly used industrially to store canned foods. The foods in metal cans have a long shelf life because of the vacuuming involved prior to sealing. The cans also withstand harsh environmental conditions because of the sturdy nature of the metals. Metal cans are not commonly used in homes and the few used could be those that were initially bought containing canned foods.

Airtight Food Storage Containers-

Airtight food storage containers have lids that clip onto the base so tightly and do not allow any further contact between the food and the external environment once it is closed. These containers are good for food preservation. This airtight seal literally captures the flavor of the food in the container. In case you stored moist foods, the moisture does not escape. Same for dry foods because they will not be hydrated by moisture from outside.

How to Choose The Best Food Storage Container Set-

Of course, we all want to have our food stored well. This is achieved through the employment of several food preservation methods. Freezers have been used for preserving food for a long time now and they are found virtually in all homes.  Storing food well needs initial packaging. This can be done using food storage containers. There are several of these being advertised everywhere and you might wonder which manufacturer is the best and which brand beats the rest. Here are some of the guidelines to help you choose the best food storage containers for you.

Lookout For Durability-

The best Food saving Container should be the ones that serve you for a long period of time. This saves your money because you will not be looking for replacements after short periods of usage. Because of the nature of their functions, the containers can fall down on the floor or be exposed to extreme temperatures. This calls for a durable material that can withstand the shocks and extreme conditions.

How easy is the Cleaning?

Before you settle for a food storage container, think about how you can wash it. Check out the washing properties and see if they are meant for you. If you hate doing manual washing, look for the containers that are dishwasher safe. The material that the container is made of also determines the ease of washing. Glass containers are generally easier to clean because they do not retain stains and odors. Plastic has different classes and if you want it badly, look for the one that is easy to wash and does not retain oils.

The Range of Function

You definitely have different foodstuffs at home that require storage. Therefore, a container that can serve multiple purposes is good for you. A food storage container should be suitable for the storage of soup, stew, and even solid foods equally well. This cuts on costs because you do not have to buy several specialized containers. The storage space for a single multipurpose container is obviously lesser than that needed by several.

Check Out the Lids

A container without a lid is like a house without a roof. It is hit by the drought effect and the contents cannot stay at top quality. The lid of a container ought to be tight fitting to prevent spillages and food contamination. Airtight seals are the best option for food preservation. The lids should be easy to open and close; avoid the very tight lids that call for a struggle before they yield.

How Much Space is needed?

Food containers are not the only utensils that you will need. There is other stuff that requires space therefore, the containers should not come to occupy all the available space. Look out for those that can be stacked together to make them use compact space. Square containers also use up less space than rounded and rectangular ones of the same capacity.

Is that your Favorite Design?

Choose food containers that are designed with your preferences. For you to feel bossy at home, have the favorite colors in your cabinet. The shapes should also be what you like. This will encourage you to take good care of the containers and your cabinets will look better from your eyes. Here, no one decides for you. You know your tastes best and therefore go for what is your best.

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Food storage is an essential process that is carried out in all homes. People will go the extra mile to salvage excess foods. The use of food storage cans is a good addition to food preservation options. Make good use of these containers by storing in foods and then putting them in a freezer if they easily go bad. The containers can also be used for keeping foods in the cabinet. Any other kitchen additives can be put in the containers to make work easy during cooking and all the coking processes.

These are the best quality plastic food storage containers set in India. Take time and make a good decision and buy the best set for you. Enjoy having meals that have been preserved for a long yet they still retain a fresh flavor.

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